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Ete Jewellery

Jewellery has great power. It fascinates, decorates and never fades away.

Like many of us, I acquired my interest in jewellery from my Mother. I watched how she wore her pieces and then reached out for them myself.

Now I am happy to see how my daughters wear them and delighted by their choices of how they pair them to their outfits and occasions.

Jewellery can be seen as a baton in the relay of generations. Passed down from mothers to daughters, reflecting what emotionally and aesthetically connects different, sometimes even distant, generations.

When I am creating precious objects, I want to make sure that they appear both contemporary and timeless.

I design and produce in my workshop located in a green part of Warsaw, surrounded by old oaks and harmonious looking light buildings. 

The creation of jewellery should not be looked upon only as an artistic craft but also an expression of values. I appreciate designs involving simplicity, authentic materials and workmanship that is characterized by precision and durability.

Inspiration comes from other people and the world around us. Using attention, inquisitiveness, passion and creative openness to notice the beauty around us.

I make my pieces by hand, in a limited series or in single pieces that are never repeated. I work with gold and silver. I use natural precious and  semi-precious stones, those larger or more expensive are always certified.

My work is made for those who when they look at jewellery not only see beautiful stones and interesting shapes, but for whom gems are a manifestation of their own uniqueness, sometimes of courage and self-confidence, a demonstration of their own originality and often an excuse to have fun.

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